Gratitude 4 YOU Contest


Congratulations to Grateful For You winner, Sara Bohrer. 

Sara is a Century High School teacher, and volleyball coach as well as the head of the Peer to Peer Program at Century.  Peer to Peer helps spread the message of inclusion, by pairing individuals with disabilities to  student mentors.  The individual that nominated Sara speaks of how much the program, mentees, families and friendships have grown as a result of Sara.

“My family will be forever Grateful for the wonderful experiences and relationships built through this program both in and out of school.  Sara is a very kind, encouraging and selfless individual.  Sara is also actively trying to spread the message to help other schools incorporate similar mentoring programs.  The world could sure us more people like her!” 

We are excited to welcome Sara to a day at Gratitude Spa and Salon, where we’ll show her that we’re Grateful for her!


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